Anukriti Dramatics Society of Delhi’s Miranda College uses Drama to Break Gender Binary
Founded in 1957, Anukriti – The Hindi Dramatics Society of Miranda House was founded with the idea of using theatre as a medium to generate awareness and consciousness towards social issues. “Anukriti believes it is vital to share information even among the lowest strata of society. We try to... Read more
Here’s why the Annual Street Play of Delhi’s Sri Venkateswara College is called ISLAMMED
Established in 2003, Anubhuti is the Dramatics Society of Sri Venkateswara College.  In this interview we find out more about this dynamic theatre group and what inspired it to create its annual play production ISLAMMED. Tell us about your annual play ISLAMMED? The play aims to give a voice... Read more
Delhi’s RANGAYAN Dramatics Society on What Makes It Different from Other Theatre Groups
Founded in 2003, Rangayan is the dramatics society of ARSD College in New Delhi. The society began with 20 students, including the National Award winner Mr. Rajkumar Rao. When asked what is unique about Rangayan, a member of the society tells us, “The ‘R’ in Rangayan stands for respect.... Read more
BEHIND THE SCENES: About Dipsar College’s Fitoor Dramatics Society and Its Theatrical Production on Marital Rape
Marital Rape is an act wherein either of the spouses in a marriage indulges in sexual intercourse with the other spouse without consent.    So, while the perpetrator of marital rape can be of either gender, a largely male-dominated nation like India sees more male perpetrators than female ones. ... Read more
ART for HUMANITY: Delhi’s IHE College Raises Awareness on Organ Donation through Theatre
Each year, nearly half a million people in India die due to organ scarcity. However, superstitions and lack of awareness surrounding the topic prevent many in the country from pledging their organs for donation. Organ donation is the process of surgically procuring an organ from a live or deceased... Read more
This Award-winning Director and Actor’s Interview is Sure to Inspire You to Follow Your Dreams
 With a Company Secretary degree and an MBA in Finance in hand, Varun Sharma could have easily chosen to pursue a high-paying conventional career. But his love for theatre led him to go off the beaten path and pursue a career in acting instead (he’s even got a postgraduation... Read more
“Theatre isn’t my Hobby, it’s my Religion,” says Grandson of Delhi’s Akshara Theatre Founders
 As the grandson of the very talented Akshara Theatre founders and son of documentary filmmakers, Dhruv Shetty definitely does not have to go too far to look out for role models. That being said, he probably also has to live up to a world of expectations! But thanks to... Read more