From private equity fund, MD to road safety nonprofit, founder: Interview with Ashoka fellow Piyush Tewari
It was a regular work day for private-equity honcho Piyush Tewari in 2007 when he got news that his 17-year-old cousin had bled to death in a road crash because of lack of timely medical assistance. This event moved Piyush to such an extent that he quit his job... Read more
Exclusive: Kerala’s biker queen Shyni Rajkumar reveals how to live life full throttle 
If there was a rulebook that stated that women can’t live the life of their dreams, Shyni Rajkumar aka Kerala’s Biker Queen would gladly ride over it! After all, crushing stereotypes about women comes naturally to this professional biker and former athlete, physical education teacher and police constable. Founder... Read more
Dealing with PTSD at work: Psychiatrist Atul Aswani says HR can help!
As per the latest World Health Organisation (WHO) report, nearly 38 million Indians suffer from some form of anxiety disorder that requires professional intervention. One such anxiety disorder is PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, a condition which if not treated on time can completely destroy an individual’s personal as... Read more
“Failure has been my biggest motivator”: Anugrah’s story of living with learning disorders
Growing up, Anugrah Kallianpur always felt like he was a failure because of his consistently poor performance in school. But little did he know that his inability to read, learn and write like others his age was mainly due to his learning disorders: Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia.     ... Read more
I wanted to be a rockstar: Interview with Eddie Prithviraj, director of Chennai’s Unwind Center & Exodus
Eddie Prithviraj is currently the mastermind and driving force behind many of the most happening live music events and festivals across India. As managing director of the iconic music venue Unwind Center and founder of the popular event and artist management company Exodus in Chennai, the 43-year-old plays a... Read more
On an emotional note: Interview with bass prodigy Mohini Dey
Mumbai-born bass guitarist Mohini Dey has achieved what most musicians can only dream about. After all, how many artists have performed and cut record deals with globally acclaimed artists right from the age of 10? Now 21, Mohini was first introduced to the guitar at the age of 3... Read more
REPRESENTING THE TRUTH IN BLACK AND WHITE | Interview with Moksh Dramatics Society of Delhi’s Sri Aurobindo College
The members of the Moksh Dramatics Society of Delhi’s Sri Aurobindo College are on a mission to expose how the distortion of India’s history is affecting the country’s citizens even today.   Through the opening act of their annual production Atithi Bhava, the artists act as human pieces on a... Read more
The Cool Guys: All you need to know about JDMC College’s Anubhuti and Its bold annual street play production
According to an IndiaSpend analysis, India has witnessed 97% of its cow-related violence (especially mob lynching) since 2010 in the past 4 years alone—with 2017 being the worst year yet.  “In September 2015, an angry mob entered the home of 50-year-old Mohammad Akhlaq in Dadri, Uttar Pradesh and beat... Read more
Girl Power: Interview with IndiGo pilot Runam Singh about her journey to the skies!
Misogynistic social practices rooted in its largely patriarchal culture have made India one of the world’s most unsafe places for women. Yet, many of the country’s women are now breaking free from this cruel ground reality and reaching for the skies. Some of them are literally flying there! Runam... Read more
ART for HUMANITY: Delhi’s IHE College Raises Awareness on Organ Donation through Theatre
Each year, nearly half a million people in India die due to organ scarcity. However, superstitions and lack of awareness surrounding the topic prevent many in the country from pledging their organs for donation. Organ donation is the process of surgically procuring an organ from a live or deceased... Read more