“Failure has been my biggest motivator”: Anugrah’s story of living with learning disorders
Growing up, Anugrah Kallianpur always felt like he was a failure because of his consistently poor performance in school. But little did he know that his inability to read, learn and write like others his age was mainly due to his learning disorders: Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia.     ... Read more
Revealed: Smart Shoppers’ Secret Tips to Evading Advertising Gimmicks
Someone once said, “Advertising is legalised lying”. Unfortunately, that is the ugly and undeniable truth. You are probably aware that companies today spend big money each year on advertisements that can trigger their target audience to buy a product – or pay for a service – they do not... Read more
How the magic of doodling got Neha Sharma 74k Instagram followers
Very often, the extraordinary is just hiding in the ordinary. Read on, to learn how you can spot it using emotional intelligence. Sir Isaac Newton was said to have discovered gravity when he began thinking of the forces of nature after he saw an apple fall to the ground.... Read more
Hello new dad, you are not bad just a little sad
Congratulations, you’re a dad now. Don’t beat yourself down if you are not very excited about that though. Feeling overwhelmed and stressed out after a baby arrives is completely normal for both moms and dads. That’s because caring for a newborn is certainly no child’s play.  However, studies show... Read more
5 powerful insights about money from a leading financial planner
Shilpa Wagh — a Mumbai-based financial planner — helps individuals make smart choices about their money and attain financial fulfillment. She specialises in advising high net worth individuals (HNI), women professionals, and families with special needs children. Shilpa is a SEBI registered investment adviser, as well as a certified... Read more
What’s your money personality?
If you want to truly know yourself, pay close attention to the way you treat money. British writer and philosopher John Armstrong once said: “One’s relationship with money is life long, it colours one’s sense of identity, it shapes one’s attitude towards other people, it connects and splits generations;... Read more
Your EI could help deal with this bloody issue at the workplace
While menstruation stigma exists unapologetically in rural Indian villages, it is also highly prevalent – albeit in different forms – even in the country’s big cities. So much so that it has even managed to creep through the doors of professional workplaces! Here’s how emotional intelligence could help deal... Read more
Neha Bahuguna talks about lady business that men need to know
Let’s face it — if women everywhere stopped menstruating, the human race would come to an end. But myths and lack of awareness about periods have conditioned many men to treat the process as just “lady business”. Sadly, many customs and traditions have caused even women to reinforce this... Read more
Emotionally intelligent HR heads focus on heart count
We sing along to Michael Jackson’s Black or White, protest to ads that portray women as good for only homemaking, and are inspired by rags-to-riches stories. But when it comes to being part of an organisation or a team, do we actually prefer working only with “people like ourselves”?... Read more
Corporate leaders with low EQ stump business growth
Even successful organisations face the risk of shutting down if they are managed by leaders who lack emotional intelligence.     “I HATE MY BOSS! It’s IMPOSSIBLE to work when he is around,” exclaims Raj. His family and friends are concerned — but also extremely surprised. That is because they... Read more