Being intelligent about emotions at work
If any broken person wants to rise from ashes, it has to be about structure, order and emotional intelligence. Meghna Maiti The world of business rests on a pivotal point of balance, forever swaying from one extreme to the other but never collapsing owing to its center-fulcrum. This is the... Read more
Are your family and friends reducing your job satisfaction?
You’re exhausted, emotionally more than physically. You wearily check off the last item on your to-do list for the day and look at the time. Yikes, 8:10 pm already and you’re still in office. Time to go! But just as you prepare to leave, you find yourself slipping back into... Read more
Diya and Rahul’s story of sexual harassment at the workplace
It was the start of a new week and Diya was getting dressed for work. She unenthusiastically stared at her reflection in the mirror and then at the loose blue trousers and white shirt she had decided to wear that day. She tried to shake off the persistent uneasiness... Read more
Truth about office romance
Falling in love with your female colleague could get you into a great relationship or into a LOT of trouble. It all depends on your emotional health. Yes, really. Here’s how. She is smart, beautiful, well-dressed, and shares the same interests as you. You would love to ask her... Read more
Emotionally intelligent HR heads focus on heart count
We sing along to Michael Jackson’s Black or White, protest to ads that portray women as good for only homemaking, and are inspired by rags-to-riches stories. But when it comes to being part of an organisation or a team, do we actually prefer working only with “people like ourselves”?... Read more
Corporate leaders with low EQ stump business growth
Even successful organisations face the risk of shutting down if they are managed by leaders who lack emotional intelligence.     “I HATE MY BOSS! It’s IMPOSSIBLE to work when he is around,” exclaims Raj. His family and friends are concerned — but also extremely surprised. That is because they... Read more
Why Edelman started an emergency fund for its employees
A Story of How Colleagues Became Family Most people have to work full-time jobs while dealing with their own personal challenges. But some of these challenges can be so overwhelming that many may not have the strength to face them alone. In a crisis, most people usually turn to family or friends.... Read more
Flex your emotional intelligence at work!
You know you are good at your job. After all, your degrees more than prove it. But somehow your hard work and knowledge just isn’t paying off in the way you thought it would. Moreover, you just can’t seem to please your boss or even your customers. Even your... Read more