Delhi’s RANGAYAN Dramatics Society on What Makes It Different from Other Theatre Groups
Founded in 2003, Rangayan is the dramatics society of ARSD College in New Delhi. The society began with 20 students, including the National Award winner Mr. Rajkumar Rao. When asked what is unique about Rangayan, a member of the society tells us, “The ‘R’ in Rangayan stands for respect.... Read more
The Cool Guys: All you need to know about JDMC College’s Anubhuti and Its bold annual street play production
According to an IndiaSpend analysis, India has witnessed 97% of its cow-related violence (especially mob lynching) since 2010 in the past 4 years alone—with 2017 being the worst year yet.  “In September 2015, an angry mob entered the home of 50-year-old Mohammad Akhlaq in Dadri, Uttar Pradesh and beat... Read more
BEHIND THE SCENES: About Dipsar College’s Fitoor Dramatics Society and Its Theatrical Production on Marital Rape
Marital Rape is an act wherein either of the spouses in a marriage indulges in sexual intercourse with the other spouse without consent.    So, while the perpetrator of marital rape can be of either gender, a largely male-dominated nation like India sees more male perpetrators than female ones. ... Read more
In Conversation with Kshitij Dramatics Society of Delhi’s Gargi College
India is a ‘secular’ nation by law. That means its government is not subject to any religious rules or beliefs, and its countrymen have the freedom to practice any religion. However, this secular state is frequently at risk as many of the country’s politicians are religious fundamentalists who use... Read more
Putting the Brakes on Road Accidents and Deaths Using Art-Based Awareness Programmes
When Rafiya Khan decided to ride triple seat on a motorcycle with two of her male friends on that fateful Thursday evening of November 16, 2017, little did she know that that decision would cost her her life. That’s because what was supposed to be only a joy ride... Read more
10 Things to Keep in Mind While Developing a CSR Campaign for the Girl Child
This October 11, the International Day of the Girl Child, it is extremely important that we decide to only take serious and carefully planned steps while investing in the well-being of the girls and women of our country.  The Indian female is an endangered species (a look at the... Read more
Wanted: Female certified financial planners
As per the most recent National Family Health Survey (NFHS), 53% of women in India now have at least one bank account as compared to 15% just a decade ago. While this does reflect unprecedented growth in ‘financial inclusion’ of women in the country, several studies show that most... Read more