Errol Peter Marks on being an Actor, a Writer—and a ‘Curly Haired Rascal’!
Advertisers pay him to keep their audiences glued to the screen during commercial breaks, and prominent filmmakers cast him in their movies for comic relief. He is none other than 30-year-old Errol Peter Marks from Mumbai—a fairly popular actor in the entertainment industry, thanks to his undeniable screen presence... Read more
Big Career Change: Candid Interview with Dentist Turned Professional Actor
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Sumit Arora — Only 21, but Already a Popular Director, Writer, Acting Instructor, and Much More! 
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This Award-winning Director and Actor’s Interview is Sure to Inspire You to Follow Your Dreams
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“I Am Not Cut Out for a 10 to 6 Job,” says Award-Winning Theatre Artist from Delhi
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Introducing Nisa Shetty – Delhi’s Very Own Entertainment Powerhouse
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Actors can treat you with expression, says lead actor in Mahesh Bhatt’s Daddy
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“I Want to Leave A Legacy Behind,” says this Bengal-born Theatre Artist
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