Are senior leaders simply careless about sexual harassment issues?
When do you actually cross the line? Or for that matter, where’s the line? Is there no line at all for senior leaders at workplaces? Let’s explore. When 30-year old Piya Sen complained to the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) of the journalism college she passed out from about a... Read more
Being intelligent about emotions at work
If any broken person wants to rise from ashes, it has to be about structure, order and emotional intelligence. Meghna Maiti The world of business rests on a pivotal point of balance, forever swaying from one extreme to the other but never collapsing owing to its center-fulcrum. This is the... Read more
From private equity fund, MD to road safety nonprofit, founder: Interview with Ashoka fellow Piyush Tewari
It was a regular work day for private-equity honcho Piyush Tewari in 2007 when he got news that his 17-year-old cousin had bled to death in a road crash because of lack of timely medical assistance. This event moved Piyush to such an extent that he quit his job... Read more
Dealing with PTSD at work: Psychiatrist Atul Aswani says HR can help!
As per the latest World Health Organisation (WHO) report, nearly 38 million Indians suffer from some form of anxiety disorder that requires professional intervention. One such anxiety disorder is PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, a condition which if not treated on time can completely destroy an individual’s personal as... Read more
Anger made me employ visually-impaired therapists, says Mettaa spa owner Joanita Figueredo
Anger may be viewed as a bad and destructive emotion by many. But it is exactly what led Mumbai’s Mettaa Spa Owner Joanita Figueredo to create employment for several visually-impaired individuals. It all started when Joanita got acquainted with many bright students during her volunteering work as a foot... Read more
Girl Power: Interview with IndiGo pilot Runam Singh about her journey to the skies!
Misogynistic social practices rooted in its largely patriarchal culture have made India one of the world’s most unsafe places for women. Yet, many of the country’s women are now breaking free from this cruel ground reality and reaching for the skies. Some of them are literally flying there! Runam... Read more
Quick guide to prevent, prohibit and redress sexual harassment at the workplace
The Sexual Harassment Act, 2013 Under the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013, all employers in India have a specific legal obligation to “provide a safe and secure working environment free from sexual harassment for all women”. Sexual harassment: Includes a) physical contact... Read more
Employers: 5 Reasons to STOP ticking only Compliance Check-boxes and START addressing Sexual Harassment at your Workplace!
Since the Sexual Harassment of Women in Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act was passed in 2013, all employers in India have had to compulsorily address sexual harassment against women at their workplaces. But while merely complying with the set provisions of the Sexual Harassment law could keep employers... Read more
Sexual Harassment at the Workplace – Why Impact Matters More than Intent
Dear Employers, From all the beasts that you will have to keep out of your respective workplaces, ‘Sexual Harassment’ will prove to be the strangest and most deceptive of them all. And if not clearly identified, sexual harassment can come in unnoticed—cloaked in social norms and habits—and destroy you... Read more
Why Banks in India Should Focus More on Prevention and Prohibition—and not just Redressal—of  Sexual Harassment at their Workplaces
The top 50 companies (in terms of market valuation) in India reported a 10.3% increase in the number of sexual harassment complaints filed by their female employees in 2016-17 from that in the previous year. Of these companies, those in the banking sector (besides the IT sector) registered the... Read more