4 artists in India who made it big through social media
In today’s digital age, emotionally intelligent artists are using social media to connect to the right audience.  15-year-old Reuben Menezes is a happy, colourful mess. Wiping the glistening sweat off his brow, he carefully clicks a photograph of his latest work of art and uploads it on his social... Read more
5 Indian filmmakers who make art movies with high commercial value
Meet the filmmakers who have shattered the myth that art movies can’t have mass appeal. For most Indians, watching commercial movies is a religious experience. Many won’t hesitate to pay premium for a darshan of their favourite stars on a larger-than-life screen. Film fanatics will even dig into their... Read more
Founder of Heritage Jazz Armando Gonsalves explains the way forward for Goa
Ace pianist by the age of 12, prominent businessman and the creative soul responsible for reviving the Carnival in Goa in the 80s and rolling out the state’s first colour newspaper pages in the 90s, Armando Gonsalves could easily relax and bask in the glory of his past achievements... Read more
“Failure has been my biggest motivator”: Anugrah’s story of living with learning disorders
Growing up, Anugrah Kallianpur always felt like he was a failure because of his consistently poor performance in school. But little did he know that his inability to read, learn and write like others his age was mainly due to his learning disorders: Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia.     ... Read more
I wanted to be a rockstar: Interview with Eddie Prithviraj, director of Chennai’s Unwind Center & Exodus
Eddie Prithviraj is currently the mastermind and driving force behind many of the most happening live music events and festivals across India. As managing director of the iconic music venue Unwind Center and founder of the popular event and artist management company Exodus in Chennai, the 43-year-old plays a... Read more
“I Always Do What Makes Me Happy,” says First Indian Female Grammy Winner
Chennai-based Indian playback singer-songwriter Tanvi Shah is unique. Not only is she the first Indian woman to win a Grammy, she’s also naturally gifted with the ability to sing fluently in several Indian and foreign languages. Starting her career as a designer with a degree in ceramics, Tanvi’s collision... Read more
On an emotional note: Interview with bass prodigy Mohini Dey
Mumbai-born bass guitarist Mohini Dey has achieved what most musicians can only dream about. After all, how many artists have performed and cut record deals with globally acclaimed artists right from the age of 10? Now 21, Mohini was first introduced to the guitar at the age of 3... Read more
Dancing through the pain – Interview with choreographer Afia Modak from Split Sole Dance Academy
Afia Modak started dancing professionally at the age of 17 with Split Sole Dance Academy (SSDA) in Mumbai. Since then, she has performed in shows such as So You Think You Can Dance (India), Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, and Star Screen Awards as well as for brands such as Fila,... Read more
Anukriti Dramatics Society of Delhi’s Miranda College uses Drama to Break Gender Binary
Founded in 1957, Anukriti – The Hindi Dramatics Society of Miranda House was founded with the idea of using theatre as a medium to generate awareness and consciousness towards social issues. “Anukriti believes it is vital to share information even among the lowest strata of society. We try to... Read more
Indian corporates enjoying a new Nukkad (corner)
Street theatre (nukkad-natak), typically non-ticketed, is performed both outdoors and indoors, in public, professional or residential spaces. It is mostly performed to educate, engage, and create awareness in society towards social, cultural, political, or professional issues. Over the past many years, street theatre has become one of the most... Read more