“In easy or tough situations, and whether they are good or bad, all emotions have a role. Emotions work,” believes Shikha Mittal, Founder of EQand.com.

EQand.com is the digital extension of Be.artsy, a for-profit social enterprise (set up in 2010) that uses art, technology and emotional intelligence via on-ground programmes to address social and workplace issues. The website uses thought-provoking articles and compelling real-life stories to encourage people to use their emotions to influence positive change in their workplace and society at large.

The portal also offers a glimpse of how human emotional intelligence is the primary factor that drives creativity and innovation and inspires productivity across the world.

Team EQand.com is constantly on the lookout for content that can inspire people to value and channel their emotions effectively. If you have an inspirational story that can help others to deal with and express their emotions better, please write to [email protected]