Sexual Harassment at the Workplace – Why Impact Matters More than Intent
Dear Employers, From all the beasts that you will have to keep out of your respective workplaces, ‘Sexual Harassment’ will prove to be the strangest and most deceptive of them all. And if not clearly identified, sexual harassment can come in unnoticed—cloaked in social norms and habits—and destroy you... Read more
Why Banks in India Should Focus More on Prevention and Prohibition—and not just Redressal—of  Sexual Harassment at their Workplaces
The top 50 companies (in terms of market valuation) in India reported a 10.3% increase in the number of sexual harassment complaints filed by their female employees in 2016-17 from that in the previous year. Of these companies, those in the banking sector (besides the IT sector) registered the... Read more
“To the world, it was an unused toilet. But for us, it was our House of Mercy” – Belinda Pereira, Founder, Karuna Ghar Foundation
Belinda Pereira may not be a household name (yet!), but she’s definitely a star in her own right. Right from her humble beginnings of being one among six children of a widowed seamstress residing in a tiny home in Mumbai to growing up and starting Karuna Ghar Foundation—an NGO... Read more