INTERVIEW: Meet Art Whiz and Professional Mountaineer Priyanka Oberoi
12 years ago with only knowing how to solve basic math problems in school, Priyanka Oberoi picked up her first pencil to create professional illustrations and sketches. From mechanical drawings to dashes and dabs of paint, she then determinedly pursued and completed four years of formal art education in... Read more
Patriarchy: The Root Cause of Most Social and Workplace Issues in India
He is a man. He loves cars, guns and hitting on girls. He is strong. He must not cry or care too much. He is superior. He must keep his woman in check. Wrong! He is a puppet of patriarchy. He is not king, but slave.     So, what... Read more
Financial Literacy – The Key to Achieving UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2030?
On September 25, 2015—after nearly three years of deliberation—the leaders of the 193 United Nations (UN) Member States agreed to a list of 17 global goals that could radically transform the world for the better by 2030. So, what are these 17 goals? Known as the Sustainable Development Goals... Read more
“Time Now Makes Itself Available to Me,” says Romance-Novelist-cum-Financial-Services-Professional from Vasai
A voracious reader from a very early age, Isha Inamdar had always dreamt of seeing her name on the cover of a book. But as the years went by, she found herself stepping into the corporate world and focusing very little on her passion for writing. From crime reporting... Read more
Are Financially Dependent Women More Likely to be Sexually Harassed?
From sexually coloured remarks to inappropriate touching and even the promise of rewards in exchange of sexual favours, both men and women face different degrees of sexual harassment every day. Statistics, however, do reveal that women are more likely to be the victims of sexual crimes and men, the... Read more