With EI, stub out that cigarette!
It can’t be said enough: CIGARETTE SMOKING IS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH. Every year, cigarette smoking claims the lives of over 7 million people across the world (WHO Research). While the best way to quit smoking is to never start, don’t lose hope if you have. Building your emotional intelligence... Read more
Your EI could help deal with this bloody issue at the workplace
While menstruation stigma exists unapologetically in rural Indian villages, it is also highly prevalent – albeit in different forms – even in the country’s big cities. So much so that it has even managed to creep through the doors of professional workplaces! Here’s how emotional intelligence could help deal... Read more
Neha Bahuguna talks about lady business that men need to know
Let’s face it — if women everywhere stopped menstruating, the human race would come to an end. But myths and lack of awareness about periods have conditioned many men to treat the process as just “lady business”. Sadly, many customs and traditions have caused even women to reinforce this... Read more
Emotionally intelligent HR heads focus on heart count
We sing along to Michael Jackson’s Black or White, protest to ads that portray women as good for only homemaking, and are inspired by rags-to-riches stories. But when it comes to being part of an organisation or a team, do we actually prefer working only with “people like ourselves”?... Read more
Corporate leaders with low EQ stump business growth
Even successful organisations face the risk of shutting down if they are managed by leaders who lack emotional intelligence.     “I HATE MY BOSS! It’s IMPOSSIBLE to work when he is around,” exclaims Raj. His family and friends are concerned — but also extremely surprised. That is because they... Read more
How emotionally intelligent women are redefining motherhood
In fact, motherhood (just like fatherhood) isn’t really a job at all. That is because if it were mothers would receive tangible rewards for managing their children, earn leaves, and even be able to include their experience as homemakers in their professional resumes. However, many women today are battling... Read more
Do you have the EI to go from self-employment to entrepreneurship?
Do you have the emotional intelligence (EI) to go from being self-employed to becoming an entrepreneur? Answer these five questions to find out. Q1: Are you emotionally competent to realise your business vision? Self-employed individuals usually work mainly for the money. However, entrepreneurs are driven by purpose, and not just... Read more
Why public policy thinker RK Misra is on the streets of Bengaluru
It’s a sunny Monday afternoon in Bengaluru, the capital of India’s southern state of Karnataka. An unassuming man in his early 50s can be seen patiently supervising a dusty road construction site in the city, even as traffic zooms past him. He looks tired, but content. This man, RK... Read more
Nursing our nurses to provide better healthcare
Stressful working environments and lack of healthy coping mechanisms are making our nurses more of a menace than a blessing to patients.  Nina is a registered medical nurse in a renowned hospital in a busy metropolitan area in India. She has recently been transferred to the hospital’s ICU ward. She currently has... Read more
EI helps visually challenged trader bag job with Standard Chartered
Here’s the story of how Vishal Agrawal, a blind trader with Standard Chartered, used his emotional intelligence to recreate a reality in which even his disability is an asset to himself, his employer, and the world at large.  “I’m just an ordinary guy,” says 30-year-old, Mumbai-based Vishal who suffers... Read more