Why Edelman started an emergency fund for its employees
A Story of How Colleagues Became Family Most people have to work full-time jobs while dealing with their own personal challenges. But some of these challenges can be so overwhelming that many may not have the strength to face them alone. In a crisis, most people usually turn to family or friends.... Read more
The power of emotional intelligence in politics
As the clock struck twelve to usher in that glorious day of August 15, 1947, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of Independent India, delivered his electrifying speech Tryst with Destiny to the Indian Constituent Assembly in the Parliament. The speech was a magnificent demonstration of optimism, and,... Read more
5 side-effects of emotionally deficient CSR initiatives
When a company’s management does not view corporate social responsibility (CSR) through an “emotionally intelligent” lens, it puts the entire business in grave danger. CSR is a concept that companies should make deliberate efforts to maturely address environmental, economic, and social issues through their business operations in order to... Read more
Flex your emotional intelligence at work!
You know you are good at your job. After all, your degrees more than prove it. But somehow your hard work and knowledge just isn’t paying off in the way you thought it would. Moreover, you just can’t seem to please your boss or even your customers. Even your... Read more
Why you shouldn’t bank on lady luck alone to succeed
Luck, destiny…divine intervention. Whatever you may call it, you cannot deny that the universe literally seems to rearrange itself just to make some people succeed and the others fail. Life often looks like a game, quite like the popular one Snakes and Ladders in which everything rested on what... Read more
Marry emotions to intelligence for entrepreneurial success
Entrepreneurship is not a fling. It is a committed relationship between your feelings and your intelligence. When the two mutually agree to value and trust each other, they can make a “big idea” turn into a tangible reality. So, if you are not willing to put both your heart... Read more
Aasaan jobs CEO tells us why entrepreneurs need emotional intelligence to succeed
The entrepreneurial life is like a game of cricket. It is dynamic, competitive and testing, and it requires tremendous energy, focus and willpower to stay in it. Wins and losses, bouquets and brickbats…fans and critics are all part of the show. But good players know how to deal with... Read more
Do you love to hate your boss?
Here’s why you may not be viewing your leader through an ’emotionally intelligent’ lens. It’s no secret that most leaders today get a lot of flak from their subordinates. They are frequently labelled as arrogant, finicky, insensitive, and inefficient. While this could be a fitting description for some managers,... Read more